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If your looking to buy a versatile and lightweight pair of running gloves at affordable prices then the NORRGEAR range of running gloves is one of the largest on the market. You can find the full range hereOur running gloves are available in four designs for both men and women: 

  • short running glove with no cuff - minimalist design, popular choice as runners' essential go-to run glove to keep fingers warm 
  • short running glove with cuff -  easy to put on and off. The cuff helps with heat retention and keeping a snug fit when running
  • running glove with fitted long knit wrist cuff - warmest running glove in the range and especially good for runners training in cold conditions who need extra hand warmth. Design guarantees stay-in-place fit no matter if you're swinging your arms in a sprint or a steady arm action up a hill
  • running glove with long cuff - ideal for wearing under a light windproof jacket. The extra long length offers for extra warmth for the wrists and forearms

In terms of weight, the no cuff short glove is the lightest option. In terms of protecting your hands from the elements and avoiding cold fingers, wrists and forearm, the long wrist, knitted cuff design are the warmest thermal gloves. All the options offer great hand dexterity.

As most runners require affordable access to more than one set of running liners and are often keen to find online discounts and sales when buying their running gloves online, we've lowered the prices for 2-PACKand 3-PACKS. This makes it possible to wear one, wash one and dry one all at the same time. Here's a bit more detailed information to compare the Classic and Race gloves.


The Classic running & trail gloves are designed to be worn in moderately cold weather you'll likely to encounter in early Spring or Autumn/ Fall. The gloves are perfect for chilly early morning or evening runs as well keeping hands warm and comfortable during trail or ultra running.

Made from a high quality mix of polyamide and wool, Classic gloves are warmer than the Race glove range. This is due to the thicker fleece lining which has good heat retention qualities. Soft and comfortable, the lining helps keep hands warm during cold runs without unnecessary overheating. Even if you encounter heavy rains, the Classic's 4-way stretch fabric mean the gloves retain their snug fit and shape. Washable at 40 degrees Celsius, Classic running gloves are offered in black, hi-vis yellow and white as well as a wide selection of sizes. 

Developed for runners and outdoor enthusiasts, the Classic gloves are sold as single pairs as well as in 2- and 3-PACKs. The multi-pack options mean, if your weekly training routine includes back-to-back or multiple runs, you can still keep your hands warm if your other gloves are in the wash or still drying out from your last run.


The Race range of running gloves are, as the name suggests, ideal for the runner looking for an excellent fitting glove to help retain hand warmth during races, speed workouts, interval training and high output run training. Race gloves add minimal extra bulk and weight on race day and are designed for light cold conditions.

Lighter than the Classic glove with a higher polyamide mix, Race runner gloves have a soft inner shell lining which is extremely quick drying. The outer fabric is elasticated 4-way stretch polyester, which sits snugly over the hand for complete running comfort.

Like the Classic, the Race running glove comes in multiple sizes all offering excellent hand and finger dexterity. The short no cuff Race glove is the best lightweight option for race day. The Race long with a fitted knitted wrist cuff is ideal for a runner wearing a running singlet but still looking to keep the hands, wrist & forearms warm at the same time.

Fit Guide

Compared to the Classic, Race runners are a slighter more snug fitting glove. Both the Classic and Race are however fit to size running gloves so always choose a size to match your actual hand measurement rather than going up or down a size.

Also, neither the Classic or Race gloves are intended for stand alone use in extreme cold weather. Instead, you need to combined the gloves with a NORRGEAR outer leather winter glove or mitten if you are looking to properly keep your hands warm during skiing or snowboarding.

If you are specifically buying a pair of Classic gloves to be worn as a winter base layer underneath a NORRGEAR outer glove then it is suggested you may want to go up a size for the outer glove due to the Classic's slightly thicker fleece lining.