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Never Beaten on Price Promise

We believe 100% in Fair Pricing and guarantee to Never be Beaten on Price.

Fair Pricing

The answer to how we are able to sell equivalent products with the same quality as big brands at the lowest possible prices is simple. We avoid:

  • marketing gimmicks,
  • unnecessary overheads,
  • middlemen,
  • expensive tags and labels,
  • elaborate packaging which also harms the environment, and 
  • most importantly, unfair markups of true costs for our customers.

Never Beaten on Price

We Will Not Be Beaten On Price! It's that simple!

As part of our pledge to always give our customers the best possible online prices with no unfair markups of true costs, we will refund the difference if, within 30 days of purchasing from us, you find an equivalent product sold at a lower price by another retailer.

How to request a price match?

Contact our customer services here. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt and satisfy 1-7 below. 

The competitor’s lower priced product must be:

  1. identical in colour and size,
  2. made from the same materials. In the case of leather gloves, mittens and overmitts genuine goat leather. Additionally, all NORRGEAR ski mittens come with double insulation liners as standard on the front and back of the hand,
  3. in stock at the time of your price match request, 
  4. publicly advertised online,
  5. lower priced even with delivery costs to your location,
  6. not lower priced due to a volume discount e.g. buy one get one free, and
  7. not lower priced due to a personal discount e.g. club membership

We do not price match marketplaces or private resellers.

Armed forces, police & emergency services discount pricing

Our Fair Pricing policy and guarantee to Never be Beaten on Price especially apply to the Armed Forces, Police and Emergency Service personnel. If you belong to any of these groups, you qualify for 25% OFF all items. Please first contact our customer service here for the promotion code before ordering as the discount cannot be retroactively applied once you have placed your order.