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1-Year Glove & Mitten Warranty

Thank you for your interest in NORRGEAR's winter ski gloves, mittens and outer glove overmitts. 

We always strive to provide the best possible quality leather ski gloves & snow mittens using best in class materials. All gloves, mittens and outer overmitts are quality checked after being manufactured. In the unfortunate event a material or workmanship defect is missed, any glove,  overmitt and/ or mitten purchased from or a country sub-domain is covered by the limited manufacturer's warranty detailed here.


The limited manufacturer's warranty (hereafter the "warranty") covers any material or workmanship defect in a leather ski glove or mitten  (hereafter the "product") under normal use and care during the warranty period. 


Replace at no extra charge to the customer a product that has a workmanship defect. The warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product.


The warranty period is one calendar year from the date of purchase of the product. In the case a replacement product is provided, the replacement assumes the remaining warranty on the original product from the date of replacement.


1. Notify NORRGEAR via the email here that you want to claim the warranty.

2. Include in the email your name, email address, proof of purchase, and reason for your warranty claim.


The warranty is limited and is conditional on the product being returned and a defect being confirmed solely by NORRGEAR. The warranty does not cover:

* sample products,

glove liners,

* non-glove or mitten products sold by NORRGEAR,

* non-NORRGEAR products,

normal wear & tear of the product,

* conditions or damage not resulting from a material or workmanship defect,

* improper treatment or care of the product using inappropriate products or treatments,

* discoloration or natural ageing of any leather parts,

* alteration, theft or loss of the product, 

* return postage charge,

* delivery costs for the replacement product unless delivery was paid for when the original product was purchased, and

* any NORRGEAR ski glove & mitten purchased from a third party reseller unless otherwise stated.  

The rights provided under the warranty cannot be transferred to a third party if the product is re-sold second hand.